Best Book to Movie Adaptations: Take One

A few months ago I did my first compilation of Books V. Movies and railed on many books that were done a great injustice by their movie. As a wise person once said, “Don’t judge a great book by it’s movie.” That quote is loosely based off a J.W. Eagan quote, but he (or she?) is right, the book is nine times out of ten better than its cinematic counterpart. You can go into more detail in a book. There aren’t time constraints, budgetary needs, moody actors, craft tables to contend with. I get it. There are though, some gems that truly shine in both the literary and cinematic realms. Movies have caveats and it’s a part of the game, but if even I, the biggest stickler when it comes to this crap, can find multiple movies, so can you. After all, they are meant to entertain. So, trust me, I’m an expert-ish. Yes, I just saw Crazy Rich Asians, why do you ask?

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